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Walkie Full Electric Pallet Truck

Walkie Full Electric Pallet Trucks

Walkie Full Electric Pallet Trucks
Capacity: 1500kg

Product Description


Walkie Full Electric Pallet Trucks is widely used in factories, supermarkets, warehouses, logistics, cold storage and other occasions. It is flexible in narrow spaces and passages. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, low noise and no pollution, and it can meet the different working needs of customers to a large extent. .The product has undervoltage indication and protection devices, special software technology, enhanced system and seismic resistance. The red digital HD display can be seen clearly during the day and night.

Electric Pallet Truck Features:

1. Load capacity up to 1.5t at 500mm load center

2. Curtis transist controller

3. 2*80Ah high efficient battery free maintenance

4. Ergonomic handle with emergency switch and horn

5. Build-in charger for easy-charging and carrying on lorry for loading/unloading

6. DC drive motor.



Distinguishing mark
1.1 Manufacturer     EP
1.2 Model designation EPT20-15ET2
1.3 Drive unit     Electrics
1.4 Operator type pedestrian
1.5 rated capacity Q kg 1500
1.6 Load center distance c mm 600
1.8 Load distance x mm 883/946
1.9 Wheelbase y mm 1202/1261
2.1 Service weight (include battery)   kg 195
2.2 Axle loading, laden driving side/loading side kg 567/1128
2.3 Axle loading, unladen driving side/loading side   kg 155/40
3.1 Tyre type driving wheels/loading wheels     PU/ PU
3.2 Tyre size, driving wheels(diameter×width) mm Φ210x70
3.3 Tyre size, loading wheels(diameter×width)   mm 2x Φ78x60(Φ78x88)
3.4 Tyre size, caster wheels(diameter×width) mm ——
3.5 Wheels, number driving,caster/loading (x=drive wheels)   mm 1x /4(1x /2)
3.6 Track  width, front,driving side b10 mm 448
3.7 Track width,rear,loading side b11 mm 410(535)
4.4 Lift height h3 mm 115
4.9 Height  drawbar  in driving position min./max. h14 mm 750/1170
4.15 Lowered height h13 mm 80
4.19 Overall length l1 mm 1638
4.2 Length to face of forks l2 mm 488
4.21 Overall width b1/ b2 mm 560(685)
4.22 Fork dimensions s/ e/ l mm 50/150/1150
4.25 Outside width of the forks b5 mm 560(685)
4.32 Ground clearance, center of wheelbase m2 mm 30
4.34.1 Aisle width for pallets 1000 × 1200 crossways Ast mm 1739
4.34.2 Aisle width for pallets 800 × 1200 lengthways Ast mm 1939
4.35 Turning radius Wa mm 1485
Performance data
5.1 Travel speed, laden/ unladen km/ h km/h 4/4.5
5.2 Lifting speed, laden/ unladen m/ s 0.027/0.038
5.3 Lowering speed, laden/ unladen   m/ s 0.059/0.039
5.8 Max. gradeability, laden/unladen % 5/16
5.1 Service brake type     Electromagnetic
6.1 Drive motor rating S2 60 min   kW 0.65
6.2 Lift motor rating at S3 15% kW 0.84
6.3 The maximum allowed size battery   mm 265*185*215
6.4 Battery voltage/nominal capacity K20 V/ Ah 2x12/65Ah
6.5 Battery weight   kg 22.5x2
Addition data
8.1 Type of drive control     DC
10.5 Steering type Mechanical
10.7 Sound pressure level at the driver’s ear   dB (A) 74

Pallet Trucks Details:

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1. Manufacturing experience: More than 20 years
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3. What we produce: Every spare part, and the assembly of the forklift.
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