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How to Maintain Battery of LIFTOR Electric Forklift ?

Jun 28, 2022

Electric forklift batteries, also known as forklift batteries, as forklift drivers,be sure to follow the proper operation methods , keep in mind the following ten How to maintain battery of Electric forklift ?

1.  The battery of LIFTOR Electric forklift will produce hydrogen, it could cause an explosion, smoking is strictly prohibited in the vicinity of the electric forklift  battery, and forbids any flame or sparks. During storage or charging the  electric forklift battery should be in a well ventilated place , but do not in exhaust mouth, avoid mist causing corrosion.

2.  The  LIFTOR electric forklift battery fluid have corrosive liquid inside ,may cause severe burns, need to avoid touch with skin, eyes or clothing, if unfortunate accident occurs, wash immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice fast.

3.  When the  LIFTOR electric forklift  battery is inspected or serviced, please use rubber gloves to avoid electrical shock.

4.  The surface and joints of  electric forklift battery must be kept clean . Dust, and other impurities must be removed and clean,with a damp cloth , otherwise it will  electric leakage, and even cause fires.

5. Clean the LIFTOR electric forklift battery, be sure to use a damp cloth, do not use a dry cloth.

6.Do not use tools connected between the positive and negative electrodes of electric forklift battery

7. Do not charge the electrolyte temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius, to avoid electrolyte overflow and cause damage, pay attention to the summer day particularly.

8. Before pulling the  electric forklift battery plug, in order to avoid sparks, be sure to turn off the forklift key switch and the switches of the charger

9. Level of electrolyte surface do not below the minimum limited, otherwise the  electric forklift  battery is easy to heat, easy to burn.

10. Keep LIFTOR electric forklift battery away from children.